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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Crispin Glover: Genius or Madman?

What Is It
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You decide. Here's the clip to his new...movie. I'm going to go out on limb and say he's in the "shithouse rat" camp. You gotta love it. I wonder when Rubin & Ed will finally make it to DVD... (note: the clip was down the last time I checked, but try again. It's worth it.)

NY Snow

NY Snow
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I miss snow. I haven't seen any in quite some time, so I was pretty psyched when I heard that there would be some. It's good to actually see a season, since I was starting to think that seasons were just something you put on food. My coworkers were less amused, as their baggage got stuck behind a frozen door. You'd think an airline would have a hairdryer or flame thrower handy.

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Um, I guess even cops get 'snow days'. I picked a good night to mug that old lady. $6.37 and a few cans of cat food. Score. I'm eating like a king tonight.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


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'Tis the season and the Oscar Countdown begins! This year's line up is pretty much a crap shoot but my only joy will come from Clive Owen taking that supporting actor trophy home. If Lowell from Wings takes it I'll be maaaaaaaaad. Though by the time they get to that award, I'll probably be too drunk to remember what happened anyway. Why? because it's time for Funch. Recipe to follow closer to Oscar-time. And for more laughs, check out the Perry Bible Fellowship. It's sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

mAc's LOST (week 13)

I have decided to retitle this column 'Manifestation Island'. That which people want the most happens. Locke walks, Jack sees his Dad and Walt conjures polar bears. I guess no one really wants a pizza. Or a boat. This week Charlie punches Sawyer! Ha-Ha. And Michael clocks Boone. Boone is such a little girl. I bet Walt could beat him up. I also have a new theory on what the "monster" is. I think it's the Skipper. He went crazy after Gilligan was electocuted by a faulty vine in their coconut television set. Oh, and Claire's back. Minus the baby. I guess she didn't really want it. And now I have to wait until Feb 9 for a new one? Weeeaaaak. Get LOST. Also, get yourself an ALIAS.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

HA-HA! (Karma vs. Richard Hatch)

SURVIVE THIS: Let's see if Richard Hatch can outwit, outplay and outlast the IRS: The first-ever Survivor victor was charged today with failing to report his $1 million winnings to Uncle Sam. According to TheSmokingGun.com, the reality-TV villain is alleged to have filed false tax returns in 2000 and 2001. If found guilty of the felony charges, the frequently naked schemer could face a $250,000 fine and up to a five-year stay in prison, where his minimalist wardrobe would surely make him very popular. (TV Guide)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

mAc's LOST (week 12)

"Dude, rumor has it that you don't speak English. Your wife is hot." I love Hurley. I also laughed when Boone punches Sawyer in his stab wound. People should do that more often. And then I got all excited cuz Shannon got eaten, but then she didn't. Tease. And a double bonus this week! An Alias crossover! Sydney dresses up as a polar bear and steals a magic doo-dad from the underground bunker. Not really. But Drive Shaft's "You All Everybody" is playing at Sydney's post-mission pizza party. I wonder if they get a party every time? Get LOST. Also, get yourself an ALIAS.

All You Really Need To Know About Movies

I consider myself a pretty big fan of movies. That's movies, not film. What does that mean? It means Ingmar Burgman, Wim Wenders and Jim Jarmusch are just funny names. It means it took me 30 years before I finally watched The Godfather. It means that I still haven't sat all the way through Casablanca. Those who say that I'm not a fan because of this, I have a 2700 DVD collection that I would like to stack on your head. Anyway, in the case of those such as myself, you can take some shortcuts. (and a thank you to Brian Klotz at SoWrongAgo, because I could NOT remember the name of this website until he posted the book version of it.)

Monday, January 10, 2005


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All they had to do was change Ethan Hawke's character name and 'Assault on Precint 13' could easily have served as a sequel to 'Training Day'. As it is, it's a fun action movie in the vein of 'Die Hard 2: Die Harder'. So if you liked that one, you'll dig this. And while the ending is predictable, I was only 50% right on who would survive and who would die. I've always been a big fan of the finite number of good guys vs. bad guys and each side picks the other off until there's only the hero and whichever sidekick/love interest that didn't catch a bullet. And there's some witty one-liners through out. I found myself cheering at some of the funny/brutal death scenes as well. Note to self: One should not put flash-bang grenades in one's pants...

Saturday, January 08, 2005

TOP FILMS of 2004

OK, before I start this list, I want to be very clear on what it actually is. This is NOT "The Best Films of 2004". I am not an avid fan of the BEST films of 2004. I know that Hotel Rwanda is an amazing film, but seriously? I won't be watching it again on a regular basis. And while I own The Godfather and Schindler's List and A Beautiful Mind, it is not often they find themselves spinning away in my DVD player, either. This is a list of the movies that will get stuffed into the player simply because they are: A) great no-brainer fun to watch while I do other things like updating my outdated blog. B) just really good from beginning to end without being overly dramatic and heavy. Now on with the list! BEST HORROR: Dawn of the Dead, Saw. BEST DRAMA: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Before Sunset, Garden State, Finding Neverland, Sideways. BEST SCI-FI: Hellboy, Van Helsing, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, The Incredibles. BEST ACTION: Kill Bill Vol. 2, The Bourne Supremacy, Hero, National Treasure. BEST COMEDY: Mean Girls, Napoleon Dynamite, Anchorman, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, Shaun of the Dead, Dodgeball. These are in no order, but the TOP FILMS of 2004 for rewatchability are by far: NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, DAWN OF THE DEAD, GARDEN STATE, SHAUN OF THE DEAD. In that order. Let's hope 2005 has some more gems. I will be doing my "Most anticipated" list soon.....

Speaking of Tucker Carlson....

Have some violent need to shoot someone in the face? Does it keep you up at night? Have you been taking copious notes during CSI to make sure you don't get caught? Already found some latex gloves? Now before you go cleansing the planet of walking dung, remember, there's no TiVo in prison. Instead, you can shoot whoever you want online! Um, and I apologize if I uploaded any photos of you in here.

HA-HA! (Karma vs. Tucker Carlson)

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BUH-BYE: Jon Stewart's a happy camper today. Just months after The Daily
Show anchor went on CNN's Crossfire and ripped the show and cohost Tucker
Carlson to shreds, the cable news net axed Carlson and his political
slugfest. "I guess I come down more firmly in the Jon Stewart camp," CNN CEO
Jonathan Klein told the Associated Press. "[Carlson]'s career aspirations
and our programming needs just don't synch up. He wants to host his own
nighttime show and we don't see that in the cards here."

Thursday, January 06, 2005


I love TV. I love TV more with TiVo. I can't tell you how much I love my TiVo. I would marry it if the Republicans would acknowledge it. Anyway, this week in TiVo! A new service that will let me transfer TV from my TiVo to my laptop. MY GOD. The wonders, they won't cease! This week's rewind TiVo quote is coutesy of THE OC: "Your breath smells like Marissa!" Thank you, Summer.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

mAc's LOST (week 11)

Creepy. This week had the 'creepy'. But not like you would think. No eyes peering out of the jungle, no weird noises at night, no ghosts or nightmares. So, what was it? Sawyer and Kate swimming in dead-people-water, repeatedly. Ew. Kate's Golem-esque obsession with a little plane (does she know that a filth Hobbit is on the island?). Sayid flirting with Shannon is bad enough, but Boone giving them the super stink eye (which one is he jealous about?). No mattter how you cut it, this show is gonna get weirder. Awesome. And next week? Looks like Shannon has a run-in with THE BEAST. Rock. Get LOST. Also, get yourself an ALIAS. It's two great tastes that go great together. Like peanut buttter and pickles.