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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Things have been (insert adjective) lately.

I owe a bunch of posts for the past 2 weeks. Nothing too exciting. Business stuff, tax stuff, entertainment equipment upgrades and research, art, yadda, yadda. I'll get into those later.

So Tuesday afternoon, I went to my regular staff meeting and Dinah stayed home to work on some proposals. While I was out, she informed me that an ambulance, police car, a bunch of people with cameras and a dude with a long pole with a hook on it ran into the backyard of our neighbors house. The ambulance left without a body and when I got home, the coroners car was parked in front of our house. (in hindsight I should have taken a photo, but it was in bad taste at the time. and probably still is now, so forget I said it)

I never saw another person at the scene to ask what happened after that, but we live on a very small street, so all I have to do is ask my OTHER neighbor about what happened.

It turns out the reclusive gentleman next door, who played beautiful piano that we could hear in the backyard, drowned himself in his pool. This is our actual next door neighbor, not kitty-corner or behind us, but right next door. He committed suicide.

I only ever spoke to him once when we first move in 2 years ago, but he seemed like a nice enough guy. We think/thought he lived with his mother, but we don't know what'll happen to the house now. And as sorry as I am that he died that way, I was relieved that he wasn't murdered.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

R.I.P. Jerry Falwell (1933-2007)

R.I.P. Jerry Falwell, originally uploaded by macslost.

Guess who got a big surprise today!

(hint: he's not pictured above)



Sunday, May 06, 2007

Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near You!

The Star Wars: Robot Chicke trailer is now online!

Sooooo damn sweet!

So........Spider-Man 3....


Spider-Man 3, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.

First off, there's no story. Not one that I cared about, anyway. And the pacing and logic behind it made it seem like it was a failed episode of CSI: Miami. A FAILED episode. This is a show where if they find a grain on a pant leg, they know exactly which plant it came from, how rare it is and what specific corner of a local park it grows in, without ever looking it up. Or magically finding bullets. Or solving any of their crimes, really.

Venom? TOTALLY forced. Ridiculously so. And you waste Dylan Baker in a role that exists purely to explain how the symbiote works. Yet there's not a real urgency to it. Like he saw an alien symbiote just last week. College professors run across them all the time. Really. Black space slime starts scurrying across the desk back to Peter and all he can say is "Looks like it really likes you". WTF?!?!!?! SPACE SLIME IS RUNNING TOWARDS HIM and that's all that runs through your mind? Nice.

Sandman? Dude, whatever. Church was good, but the character was lame. And if I had to look at him weep about his sick daughter one more time, I'd kill her, just so he'd have some arc or something. And I won't even spoil HIS final moments on screen. I think I barfed a little in my mouth.

And seriously. "Evil" Peter Parker? UGH. So greasy and douchebaggy it was actually uncomfortable to watch. I was embarrassed for the movie and even more so for Tobey. No, really, it makes you want to crawl out of your seat.

And oh, poor, poor, poor New Yorkers. Sam Raimi must really hate you. Never have I seen New Yorkers portrayed as such assclowns. Everything they did was retarded and unwatchable. Like they all rode the short bus in from Jersey.

Mary Jane? Ugh. About as noticeable as Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane.

Mr. Goblin Jr. - Actually entertaining for the most part. A little "simpleton" when he has some memory loss, but not too bad. Not sure how they explain his super-healing from one fight but then a fire scars him permanently.

The last thing I'm going to rail on is the endingS. Three was too many. And after I threw up in my mouth with Sandman's, I didn't care to see the rest.

NOW! On with the GOOD. Because the movie wasn't a complete piece of shit. Just terribly flawed.

Topher Grace? Rocked Eddie Brock Jr. He was perfect. And while Topher-Venom was a little...awkward, he was still funny for the most part.

Bryce Dallas Howard? AWESOME as Gwen Stacy. More of her, less of Mary Jane, please.

The supporting cast was great as always. J.J., Robbie, Betty & May were all great. Bruce Campbell had another cameo that was really funny.

The effects were mostly good. But some looked unfinished and some of the Sandman stuff was very Mummy-like and uninteresting.

All in all, my reaction to the movie was "Meh". I'll watch it again on DVD, probably, but I'd recommend seeing it without the crowds and at your own leisure.

Another thought I had was this should have been handed to Brett Ratner. You heard me. He should have given this the X3 treatment. Bunch of action, cram in loads of Spidey extras like Rhino, Electro and Scorpion and made it 93 minutes. It would have been a billion times better than this.

Here's a review
from the comic nerd at Ain't It Cool News, which is more detailed, but sums it up perfectly as well.


GoFugYourself.com said it perfectly:

"Karma is a bitch. So is Paris Hilton. So it only makes sense that the two would crash together, with unspeakably awesome results. There is NOTHING more fantastic than Kathy Hilton ranting about how much they spent, NOTHING as satisfying the long arm of the law finally reaching out and choking somebody with no redeeming qualities, and NOTHING as awesome as imagining Paris having to sleep on an uncomfortable cot underneath a burly, hygienically challenged, tattooed, pierced, and lightly mustachioed cell mate named Bertha. Today, even if it feels kind of bad for flashing its bitchpants, the world is full of glee. VICTORY IN OUR TIME."

Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Life Is Forfeit

My Life Is Forfeit, originally uploaded by macslost.

We have our company launch/Cinco De Mayo/Captain Awesome's Birthday party today. To which, I should be tidying up the house, decorating, setting up food/drinks, going to get more propane for the grill, ice, etc.

But I made a terrible mistake. See, I had heard how awesome Guitar Hero was, but I have never been musically gifted and I figured "whatever". And then they made it for the 360, and Karaoke Revolution was such a party hit that I figured maybe it was a good addition.

So, after a week of hounding local EBX stores and getting the "We expect more tomorrow" and then the next day getting the "We just sold out of them again", I became obsessed. And dammit, I DID find one in the 11th hour.

And I decided to test it out "real quick". And...and....I can't STOP. I need to play constantly. And I haven't even STARTED the actual game, just playing the Quickplay songs over and over on 'easy' while I get the hang of it. But it's so AWESOME. And now DINAH is hooked. She's rocking out to "Cherry Pie" right now.

And dammit, we really do have things to do.

But maybe just one more song...