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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Things have been (insert adjective) lately.

I owe a bunch of posts for the past 2 weeks. Nothing too exciting. Business stuff, tax stuff, entertainment equipment upgrades and research, art, yadda, yadda. I'll get into those later.

So Tuesday afternoon, I went to my regular staff meeting and Dinah stayed home to work on some proposals. While I was out, she informed me that an ambulance, police car, a bunch of people with cameras and a dude with a long pole with a hook on it ran into the backyard of our neighbors house. The ambulance left without a body and when I got home, the coroners car was parked in front of our house. (in hindsight I should have taken a photo, but it was in bad taste at the time. and probably still is now, so forget I said it)

I never saw another person at the scene to ask what happened after that, but we live on a very small street, so all I have to do is ask my OTHER neighbor about what happened.

It turns out the reclusive gentleman next door, who played beautiful piano that we could hear in the backyard, drowned himself in his pool. This is our actual next door neighbor, not kitty-corner or behind us, but right next door. He committed suicide.

I only ever spoke to him once when we first move in 2 years ago, but he seemed like a nice enough guy. We think/thought he lived with his mother, but we don't know what'll happen to the house now. And as sorry as I am that he died that way, I was relieved that he wasn't murdered.


Blogger Alf said...

Did they rent or own?

6:25 PM

Anonymous Jeff said...

Well yeah, because who wouldn't mind owning the house next to Mac and Dinah?

9:49 PM


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