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Sunday, May 06, 2007


GoFugYourself.com said it perfectly:

"Karma is a bitch. So is Paris Hilton. So it only makes sense that the two would crash together, with unspeakably awesome results. There is NOTHING more fantastic than Kathy Hilton ranting about how much they spent, NOTHING as satisfying the long arm of the law finally reaching out and choking somebody with no redeeming qualities, and NOTHING as awesome as imagining Paris having to sleep on an uncomfortable cot underneath a burly, hygienically challenged, tattooed, pierced, and lightly mustachioed cell mate named Bertha. Today, even if it feels kind of bad for flashing its bitchpants, the world is full of glee. VICTORY IN OUR TIME."


Blogger Vitamin Black said...

The irony is that she'll just be more famous after all of this. I guess America can't get enough of a rich tramp that does nothing but snort blow...and give blow jobs for that matter.

11:58 AM


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