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Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Life Is Forfeit

My Life Is Forfeit, originally uploaded by macslost.

We have our company launch/Cinco De Mayo/Captain Awesome's Birthday party today. To which, I should be tidying up the house, decorating, setting up food/drinks, going to get more propane for the grill, ice, etc.

But I made a terrible mistake. See, I had heard how awesome Guitar Hero was, but I have never been musically gifted and I figured "whatever". And then they made it for the 360, and Karaoke Revolution was such a party hit that I figured maybe it was a good addition.

So, after a week of hounding local EBX stores and getting the "We expect more tomorrow" and then the next day getting the "We just sold out of them again", I became obsessed. And dammit, I DID find one in the 11th hour.

And I decided to test it out "real quick". And...and....I can't STOP. I need to play constantly. And I haven't even STARTED the actual game, just playing the Quickplay songs over and over on 'easy' while I get the hang of it. But it's so AWESOME. And now DINAH is hooked. She's rocking out to "Cherry Pie" right now.

And dammit, we really do have things to do.

But maybe just one more song...


Anonymous Jeff said...

Oh man, I totally wish I was coming to the party.

11:19 AM

Blogger Vitamin Black said...

I kind of vanished in the game room at the end of the party. My eyes were blood shot and my hand was sore from trying to play Pearl Jam's stupid songs on medium. I'll be wrapped up in it myself once I have the free time.

12:00 PM


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