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Friday, April 27, 2007

You Got Served!

You Got Served!, originally uploaded by macslost.

We recently spent a few days in Vegas with our friends Ben & Sarah in town from Australia! They had spent their time before we got there hanging out on the strip, so we decided to treat them to Fremont Street. First Stop? The Bayou. For yards of frosty poison. I had mine and Ben's upgraded to "a shot" of Everclear. Which was more like 3 or so.

Ben thought it was cute to race to the bottom, despite my warnings that it wasn't a race and he was Australian.

(disclaimer: Australians can DRINK. 24 hours straight and not fall down kind of drinking. But that applies to BEER. NOT liquor.)

Anyway, I (tortoise) passed him up and finished mine first and went for a Bud Light. Next day? I remained unscathed from the night's shenanigans while certain parties (not to be named) were not to quick on their toes.

All was well in time for petit filets, garlic mashed potatoes and fried strawberries at Drai's that night, though.

Tomorrow night is actually Drai's last night of restaurant business, so if you're in town, GO EAT THERE. You'll never eat so good.


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