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Friday, April 27, 2007

The DC Universe Becomes Reality

The DC Universe Becomes Reality, originally uploaded by macslost.

I had posted once before about mutant babies and growth hormones and was excited that maybe one day mutations will exist and there would be real X-Men. No news since then, though. No wall-crawlers, gamma-rays or super-serums.

This week, though, DC gets a leg up on the action with TWO big announcements. First off Kryptonite was discovered! It is, in fact, real. So we're safe from Kryptonian escapees from the Negative Zone.

Second? Scientists may have found Earth 2! Now, while technically that existed on another plane of existence, it looks like there may actually be an inhabitable planet like 'Earth' 20 bujillion light years from here. (the actual numbers are in the article).



Blogger Vitamin Black said...

Earth 2? Yeah Republicans are building there space ships now. They'll blast off as soon as they're done fucking up this planet. "Global warming? Sorry but my mansions are all air conditioned. Cut me some more Brazillian timber and throw another whale steak on the barbie Paco!"

12:03 PM


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