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Friday, April 27, 2007


FLASH! AH-AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!, originally uploaded by macslost.

Savior of the Universe!!!! He'll save every one of us!

I love Alex Ross. And THIS? This box art is AMAZING.

Speaking of business, I couldn't wait, I had to put a pitch in to Universal to work on this one the same day they announced it. So. Damn. Awesome.

Starting a new business...

Starting a new business..., originally uploaded by macslost.

...is exciting AND a huge pain in the ass. I've been up to my ears in nonsense. All good, but DAMN, there's a LOT! Insurance, bank accounts, not to mention agreeing on a color scheme for our new logo. We love the logo, but the color's aren't quite right yet.

We don't even need to get the word out on our product yet. People are hearing about it and looking for the hook-up already. Money should be rolling in any day now. Now we only need to launder it.

The DC Universe Becomes Reality

The DC Universe Becomes Reality, originally uploaded by macslost.

I had posted once before about mutant babies and growth hormones and was excited that maybe one day mutations will exist and there would be real X-Men. No news since then, though. No wall-crawlers, gamma-rays or super-serums.

This week, though, DC gets a leg up on the action with TWO big announcements. First off Kryptonite was discovered! It is, in fact, real. So we're safe from Kryptonian escapees from the Negative Zone.

Second? Scientists may have found Earth 2! Now, while technically that existed on another plane of existence, it looks like there may actually be an inhabitable planet like 'Earth' 20 bujillion light years from here. (the actual numbers are in the article).



HEEEEEROOOOOOOES!, originally uploaded by macslost.

Tina Turner may not have needed another hero, but *I* sure as hell do! EVERY WEEK. It was WAY too long a wait! It just gets better and better and better every week. This upcoming one that takes place 5 years in the future looks bad-ass! The only SUCK thing about it is that there's only 4 to go!!! (I mean, how good was the Company Man episode?!)

But the beauty is that like 24, the season finale caps the story, so it'll be 4 insane episodes, to be damn sure. Greg Grunberg said it took them 21 days to film the finale.

Never have I wanted something to get here faster and yet be further away. Feh.


I saw this years ago and it made me laugh for DAAAAAAAYS. And I'm sure you've seen it a billion times before as well. It's just the funniest noise ever. Anyway, I hadn't seen or heard it in a few years at least and last Sunday I was reading some random article about everyone's mistakes forever immortalized in YouTube and I remembered that clip and looked it up. Sure enough! Here it was.

But here's the creepy part. Not 15 minutes later I'm watching the night before's SNL and lo and behold THEY ARE MAKING FUN OF THAT CLIP. What kind of random-ass occurance is that?! To not see or hear something in 2 years and have it show up TWICE in 15 minutes? Bizarre.

Anyway, have a laugh!

You Got Served!

You Got Served!, originally uploaded by macslost.

We recently spent a few days in Vegas with our friends Ben & Sarah in town from Australia! They had spent their time before we got there hanging out on the strip, so we decided to treat them to Fremont Street. First Stop? The Bayou. For yards of frosty poison. I had mine and Ben's upgraded to "a shot" of Everclear. Which was more like 3 or so.

Ben thought it was cute to race to the bottom, despite my warnings that it wasn't a race and he was Australian.

(disclaimer: Australians can DRINK. 24 hours straight and not fall down kind of drinking. But that applies to BEER. NOT liquor.)

Anyway, I (tortoise) passed him up and finished mine first and went for a Bud Light. Next day? I remained unscathed from the night's shenanigans while certain parties (not to be named) were not to quick on their toes.

All was well in time for petit filets, garlic mashed potatoes and fried strawberries at Drai's that night, though.

Tomorrow night is actually Drai's last night of restaurant business, so if you're in town, GO EAT THERE. You'll never eat so good.

WANTED: This movie to come out already!

If you haven't read this yet, you SHOULD. It's set in a standard super-hero world, only years ago the villains actually united and killed all of the super-heroes. Now they've separated the world into 5-6 pieces and run it like the mafia.

Anyway, long story short, this average kid turns out to be the son of a super-assassin who just got whacked and he gets trained by his dad's ex-girlfriend to be the next bad-ass assassin. Violent hilarity ensues.

The cool stuff: It's directed by the crazy Russian who did Night Watch and Day Watch (kick-ASS flicks) and stars James McAvoy (Last King of Scotland), Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. And if they only put in half of the awesome villains that are in the book, it'll be a great flick. It's a bonus that the book is self-contained and has an actual ending. Plus I know there'll be some awesome talent to be added to the movie, since there's a ton of characters.

Go For Poppa Palpatine!


Lucas (ass-hat that he is) gave Seth Green the go-ahead to do a 30-minute Robot Chicken version of Star Wars. He even plays himself in it. And Mark Hammill comes back as Luke Skywalker.

If you've never seen this, you don't know what GLEE you are IN for. (and if you have, go ahead, watch it again! It's ALWAYS FUNNY.)

Sunday, April 15, 2007


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You wouldn't like Ed when he's angry.

No, seriously. It's not a joke. Ed Norton is going to take over for Eric Bana as Bruce banner. I'm...surprised. Surprised? Bewildered, maybe. I mean, the first one wasn't all that great, the sequel is supposed to be an all-action 're-imagining' so it's not a 'Part 2' and it's being directed by Louis Leterrier (The Transporter 1 & 2). Early talks were mentioning Dominic Purcell or Matthew Modine. You know, B-listers who are unafraid of schlock. Which fits the director's style. But...Ed? Ed who bad mouthed The Italian Job so bad? Ed "Down In The Valley" Norton?

Don't get me wrong, he's a damn fine actor, I'm just really, really confused. Brain smashed!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Bastard Wind

windy.jpg, originally uploaded by macslost.

It tore part of my tiki roof off! Sumbitch!!! It's blowing like 50mph and thrashing my yard.

Ah well, we're off to Vegas, so whatever. We have Australian freinds visiting so we're going to pry them off the strip and hit up DIRTY Vegas.

Aw, yeah.



armor.jpg, originally uploaded by macslost.

Damn. They really nailed it. Or riveted it, in this case.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bad blogger!!!!

I have been slammed with work these past few weeks, sometimes for 12 hours straight, so blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. Now that free time is creeping back in, I'm trying to exercise again and clear out some TiVo (24, Jericho, Supernatural) but not much else has been going on outside of my new business venture. Anyway! This is funny:

POMONA, California (AP) -- A man accused of using a chain and pickup truck to yank a 1,500-pound ATM from a market failed to escape police when his prosthetic leg fell off during the getaway.

Gregory Daniels, 48, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of burglary for the attempted heist from Pomona Ranch Market, police said.

Authorities say Daniels and another man drove up to the market about 3 a.m., smashed a window, wrapped a chain around the ATM and used the pickup to rip it from the floor. After loading the cash machine into the truck, the pair drove off.

Officers chased the truck into a residential neighborhood, where the men drove into a dead-end street. Daniels' alleged accomplice fled, but police said Daniels wasn't able to escape.

"Daniels was on the ground near the vehicle in an attempt to flee from officers," Sgt. E. Vazquez said. "However, he was unsuccessful, as his prosthetic leg fell off."

The ATM and its cash were recovered. The assistant manager of the Pomona Ranch Market, Tom Zvoda, said he didn't know how much money was inside.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Too buried, in fact, to bother with a picture. (there you have it!)

But buried in a GOOD way. 2 months ago I was working part-time from home and finishing my garage. Now I have so much work on my plate that I had to file for an LLC so I can start my own company and hire some help. I'm already over capacity for TWO people and have a meeting with another potential client this Wednesday. And the funny thing is that I haven't even gone out of my way to ask for business yet, which is a damn good problem to have.

Still, it's Saturday, I'm working and I spent 12 hours working yesterday as well. But that should change once extra bodies start piling up.

More details once paperwork is signed....