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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

mAc's LOST (week 13)

I have decided to retitle this column 'Manifestation Island'. That which people want the most happens. Locke walks, Jack sees his Dad and Walt conjures polar bears. I guess no one really wants a pizza. Or a boat. This week Charlie punches Sawyer! Ha-Ha. And Michael clocks Boone. Boone is such a little girl. I bet Walt could beat him up. I also have a new theory on what the "monster" is. I think it's the Skipper. He went crazy after Gilligan was electocuted by a faulty vine in their coconut television set. Oh, and Claire's back. Minus the baby. I guess she didn't really want it. And now I have to wait until Feb 9 for a new one? Weeeaaaak. Get LOST. Also, get yourself an ALIAS.


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