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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

mAc's LOST (week 11)

Creepy. This week had the 'creepy'. But not like you would think. No eyes peering out of the jungle, no weird noises at night, no ghosts or nightmares. So, what was it? Sawyer and Kate swimming in dead-people-water, repeatedly. Ew. Kate's Golem-esque obsession with a little plane (does she know that a filth Hobbit is on the island?). Sayid flirting with Shannon is bad enough, but Boone giving them the super stink eye (which one is he jealous about?). No mattter how you cut it, this show is gonna get weirder. Awesome. And next week? Looks like Shannon has a run-in with THE BEAST. Rock. Get LOST. Also, get yourself an ALIAS. It's two great tastes that go great together. Like peanut buttter and pickles.


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