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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Crispin Glover: Genius or Madman?

What Is It
Originally uploaded by macslost.
You decide. Here's the clip to his new...movie. I'm going to go out on limb and say he's in the "shithouse rat" camp. You gotta love it. I wonder when Rubin & Ed will finally make it to DVD... (note: the clip was down the last time I checked, but try again. It's worth it.)


Blogger robot said...

My friend, Orange saw that movie years ago at a Crspin Glover screening thing fucking went crazy and yelled at him. I think he's been hard pressed to find a distributor, since it's so controverial.

I'm totally want to see it though - as wroang as that might be.

3:56 AM


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