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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ice Cream + Homeless Man + Wheelchair = ?

OK, so on the way to see Constantine at the Mann 6, we generally have to pass by the typical Hollywood throng of tourists, homeless and homeless tourists. Generally the homeless folk stay out of your way and the tourists get in your way, so it protects the delicate balance of Hollywood Nature. Tonight, as I giddly skip to see something of a demonic nature, supernatural forces made an attempt (albeit a weak one) to thwart our journey. Crossing Orange, 1/2 way through the intersection, we encounter a homeless man trying to push a wheelchair with one hand and carry a bowl of ice cream with the other. Without hesitation, Homeless Man releases the wheelchair (thus allowing it to roll away in the street) and proceeds to block our path (and I do mean block, a-la that basketball game thing that I do not watch). And with many not-so-swift lunges of his now wheelchair-free hand, attempts to put a heaping spoon of Ice Cream into our mouths. It took some Matrix-style dodging and weaving, but we managed to avoid consuming what may have been a special Mad Dog blend from Coldstone Creamery. In hindsight, it would probably have been tasty...


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