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Saturday, February 05, 2005


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So when this mini-series aired earlier this year, there was a lot of controversy over it as to whether or not it would live up to the original series or not (after viewing an old episode, it couldn't be that hard). Edward James Olmos wasn't doing much positive press on it and Richard Hatch (Apollo from the old series with Dirk "Face from A-Team" Benedict" as Starbuck) had been shopping around his own treatment on the project. When I saw it being added as a regular series on Fridays on Sci-Fi Channel, I thought. "Sigh, another show for the mix. I better get the mini-series and check it out before the season starts, in case it's any good." And I is. I have only one word to descibe it. ROCK. This show is probably the best one on TV right now. It is certainly being touted as the "Best Sci-Fi Show" on TV, but I watch a LOT of TV and this show by FAR has the best acting, characters and storyline of anything out there. Granted, there's none of that quick witted snarky humor like Scrubs or Gilmore Girls, but it has all of the grit that the first Star Wars and Blade Runner had. It's dirty, machines are broken, they have to scavenge for water and the whole time the damn dirty Cylons are hunting them down to wipe out the last of the human race. So yeah, it's well worth the time. It has already been picked up for a full second season. Sweet. My TiVo runneth over. (Side note, 'Medium' is also a great mid-season addition. 'Point PLeasant' blew balls. Shame on you Marti, you can do better.)


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