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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Manifestation Island (mAc's LOST Week 14)

What happened last night? More junkie Charlie flashbacks. Nothing new. Claire remembers nothing. BUT! People got WHACKED. And I mean dead-whacked, not slapped (which in and of itself is usually amusing and THE OC has been lacking in this element lately.) But other than that...where are the new back-stories? No new characters? What about the monster? Crazy French lady? Other people on the island? Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle? Boat, anyone? Oh, yeah, HEY LOCKE! You dig up that damn bunker yet? No? Well then, you should keep it a secret til May sweeps. It can wait. Jackass. I overheard someone mention why they still watch LOST. It's not to see WHAT happens, it's in case something DOES happen. JJ, in your effort to "fix" Alias from last year, you have stuck yourself in 2 new corners with downhill results. LOST: You have 10 plotlines and never any resolution and lately, they don't even get mentioned. ALIAS? There ARE no plotlines! It's become the X-Files with a monster of the week (of course I hated the alien plotline of that show, but still...). Unless you count the "Oooh, WHEN will Sloan go bad again?" But seriously, that's kinda old now, too. SOMEBODY do SOMETHING. PLEASE. That being said, they are 2 of the best shows on TV. Get LOST. Also, get yourself an ALIAS.


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