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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Not quite a member of the NRA

Not quite a member of the NRA
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As a DVD pimp, I tend to get a LOT of DVDs for free. Which is quite literally a dream come true, but as a Scorpio, I cannot be limited to a single obsession. And now that my hard earned cash is no longer going through direct deposit to Best Buy, it has been burning holes in various pairs of jeans. Which is quite unfashionable in LA. It's SO 80's White Trash. Unlike the trash Von Dutch makes. But I digress. 10 years ago, I ran across a Pulse Rifle from the movie Aliens. At the time, being a poor college kid, all I could do was gaze lustfully at it and maybe lick the glass once. Or twice. Anyway, for my 30th birthday, my lovely fiancee hooked me up with the Hellboy Samaritan, which I had been coveting since April when they all sold out in 10 seconds and I got screwed. After getting it, the Gollum in the back of my head said I needed MORE than one "precious". And so the eBay trolling began. I got the Blade Runner pistol, Robocop's handgun, Crichton's Winona and many more. But I still had a hole in my heart. Until today. Yes. Today. I found it. It is mine. Must now wait for the mailman. Yeeesssssss....it comes....


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