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Thursday, June 14, 2007

So Good, It's Bad

Now that we've launched our new company, I've felt a SLIGHT need to step up my game a little bit to prove that we're wroth the 'risk' of hiring.

Downside? Me adding any additional effort to a job I already rock the face off of has caused an exponential increase in my workload. Like digging that extra foot and getting a gusher of oil or whatever. There's no nervous sensation like I'm going to mess anything up, but I have found myself becoming prone to anxiety attacks again because I can't seem to reach a stopping point - ever.

I keep making lists of things I need to do and it seems to stay the same length, no matter what I cross off. So I can be productive as a sumbitch, and I know I get more done than most people I know, but it never seems to be enough. And yet I've never really been an over-achiever per se (especially when i could coast-by). I CAN be, but it's not in my nature.

Anyway, long story short, I got up at about 6:45 this morning and the only break I've taken since then is to run to Target real quick (20 minutes) and to write this. Which is a little over 18 hours of work today. Damn.

To be fair, though, I work a LITTLE slower (not much, though) because I watch movies I've seen before, mostly because I can. Today I watched Colors, The Getaway, Evolution and Deep Rising. I NEVER get tired of watching Deep Rising. It's one of the most entertaining guns vs. monster movies ever. The ILM effects are pretty choice, as always.

I should be listening to music, but lately I've had little to no interest in listening to anything. I burnt myself out buying millions of CDs and songs. I do the same thing with books, actually. I buy 3 for every 1 that I actually read.

My new TV comes, soon, and I'll be DAMN sure I make time for THAT.


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