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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sometimes things just click.

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So! While I would be the first person in line to tell you that you should totally start your own company, I would heavily emphasize that it IS, in fact, a pain in the ass. People just don't tell you about the inane little things you need BESIDES your set-up with the government and name filing. Then there's the business license, bank accounts, health insurance, BUSINESS insurance. Plus the internal stuff like making the logo, website, business cards, writing proposals, etc.

Actually, the designing process is kinda cool. And our logo is freakin' awesome. And the website layouts we've seen are also pretty damn cool. It's really the paperwork that's damn annoying.

But in the end? You get PAID. PAID, PAID, PAID. I bought a 52" LCD flat-panel TV the other day. It'll be delivered this week, hopefully. Then, I will pair it with my PS3, get a whole mess of Blu-Ray DVDs and never leave the house again.

Of course, now that we work at home, we don't really need to anyway. Woo-hoo!


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