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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ah, Hollywood, how I miss you...rarely.

crowded, originally uploaded by macslost.

So, these past few days we had a few happenings going on in the Hollywood area.

Thursday night I hit the Grove for a 7:30 flick with Allistair. 28 Weeks Later, which started 40 Minutes Later, because some lame screening was going on and the theater moved the showtime back. Which left room for dinner and drinks first, so that was fine. Movie wasn't too bad, either.

Friday night, our Kiwi friend Emma had her final art show before skipping back to New Zealand. She's an amazing artist and we actually ended up investing in one of her paintings to go over our fireplace. We've been looking for 2 years for something to hang there, so we're really happy we have something that suits us and a friend actually painted it.

Then on Saturday we hit the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for a screening of Harold & Maude, which was awesome, since I hadn't seen it in at least 12 years.

Point is, while all of these events were thoroughly enjoyable, the clusterfuck that is Hollywood traffic & parking is just so damn annoying that it almost takes away from the fun you do have. Even going to the cemetery is drama since you have to be there NO LATER than 90 minutes early for a medium-known film and more than 2 hours for something popular. Luckily you can bring whatever you want and get hammered and stuff yourself with awesome picnic food while you wait.

I seem to have manipulated my schedule enough for the past two years that I had forgotten how bad it was. Needless to say, as soon as the first Click check comes in, I'm buying my own backyard theater. First up? KENNY. And you're all invited.

No traffic, no line and plenty of parking. Damn, I'm getting crotchety. Just no patience for that crap anymore.


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