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Saturday, April 01, 2006


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Ah, the time has finally come. It's an exciting day when an 80's throwback gory horror flick can come out and get a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. What a glorious day INDEED. Needless to say, this is one of those polarized films where those that know of it are either in the "Hell YES, I'm there" camp or the "Hell NO, get that thing away from me" camp. Clearly, being a person of questionable mental issues, I fall in the former category.

Here's what critics have to say, and I must say, after reading these, how could you NOT go?! That would be unsane.

"A gleefully nasty and ingeniously twisted horror-comedy."
"It's hilarious, gross, and insanely watchable! What would a Troma film look like if they had a decent script and a big budget? Like Slither!"
""A groovy gross-out with snorts, scares and sentiment, SLiTHER is thus far the must-see frightfully funny movie of the year."
"A great, goofy B-movie, a clever homage to the flicks that filled double bills in the 1950s, combining low-brow slapstick and gory scares in equal measure."
"For those who enjoy entertaining gross-out horror flicks, Slither satisfies. The squeamish should probably keep their distance."
"It's a slimy, high-energy adventure that borrows from countless previous films, yet it whips all those old ingredients into a highly entertaining new dish."
"Slither is ceaseless in its entertainment value, but it never breaks out of its tight cage and rampages across the screen, which this kind of madcap story deserves."
"a spectacularly slimy, boldly bloody monster movie that says 'yes' to every possible excess. "...Weird, wacky and gloriously gross, 'Slither' is a minor classic of its kind."
"The most sensationally scary-funny creep-out movie since Gremlins."
"What makes Slither work is how nimbly it slaloms from yucks to yuks, slip-sliding from horror to comedy and back again on its gore-slicked foundation."
"A hilarious, profane, and wonderfully gooey creature feature, Slither emerges from its slimy eggsac one of the most flat-out entertaining horror movies in years."
"When the credits roll on Slither, don't be surprised to be a little sick, frazzled and exhausted. At the same time, don't be surprised to find yourself smiling ear-to-ear."
"Gunn has made a love letter to these horror invasion flicks of the 1980s, and it's name is Slither."
"Slither is a funny, freaky, fiendishly good flick that might just find a following beyond the standard cadre of horror fanatics."
"Slither is gleeful, gooey, gory and goofy."


Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Can't wait for this one .. am going to see it today, and look forward to be thoroughly grossed out and entertained, all at once

4:03 AM


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