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Friday, March 10, 2006

Big-Bang Yo-Yo Theory?

Big-Bang Yo-Yo Theory?
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Is the universe slowly reversing itself? Or did Superman rewind some of our time? Or MAYBE, with all the new disease and pollution we have, sturdier species are resurfacing ("Pussies! It's just germs! WE got hit by a @&$#^%$@ asteroid!)? Or MAYBE scientists are mucking with fossilized DNA a-la-Jurassic Park? Though it seems they learned a lesson from dear old Michael Crichton and decided to bring back cute little fuzzy things instead of Velociraptors. (Who does that anyway? "Hey, we found a way to reproduce old stuff. Let's make some nasty things that can easily kill us." "Good idea! I have some T-Rex DNA over here...") ANYWAY, looks like those wiley Laotians have either discovered or recreated the Rat-Squirrel after an 11 million year extiction period. Or were those squirrely bastards just hibernating? If so, what ELSE is just sleeping soundly in a cave somewhere, only to awaken and destroy mankind in it's flesh-rending maw?


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