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Thursday, February 09, 2006

My New Title

I never really talk about my work on here. Mostly because nothing too exciting happens (at least for me) and there's really not enough drama to even write a rant about. But today something amusing occured. See, where I work I contract as a publicist, so I'm not an actual employee. So there's no title, no business cards, no nothing. Which also means no lame ass training seminars, ethics classes or other stupid wastes of time that corporate jobs seem to provide. But today something interesting happened. One of my coworkers opened up my profile in the Global Outlook mail system and it turns out I DO have a title!! They just never told me. Apparently I am officially an Area Mechanic Woodworker. So I guess I'd better get cracking on those shelf installations before I get fired. I KNEW I should have asked for a job description...


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