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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It came from the kitchen

It came from the kitchen
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I'm not a fan of community food storage. I make an exception for dried goods and beer/Diet Coke, but beyond that, no food should be stored at work. For the sole reason that people who store food never retrieve it. Ever. Our kitchen smelled so bad today that one of my coworkers was compelled to write the following to the office. How he stood that smell long enough to take inventory I do NOT know...

To all,

Not to be a nazi about this, but there’s been a string of folks going into the kitchen and complaining about the fumes.

But no-one is taking responsibility for their food.

I’ve placed all the expired/moldy items on the counter. Come claim them if they are yours. Please.

Gaby & I like our offices, but we can’t/won’t police the kitchen. Unless it smells so bad that we have no choice but to toss everything, w/o consulting you.

Here’s a list of the expired/moldy food in there. Is it yours?

Knudson Low Fat cottage cheese
Expired 7/17/05 – now in low fat soup and green slime flavors!

Kraft yummy extra-real Mayo
Exp. 1/11/05

Ralph’s gross grape jelly
Exp. 4/19/05

Philadelphia Cream Cheese containers
Exp.12/26/05, 1/21/06, 2/9/06

Knudson death yogurt
Exp. 12/3/05

Handi Snack Packs
Exp. 2/7/06

Undated BBQ container
Undated white rice container

Cardini’s Asian Sesame dressing
Exp. 3/11/05 (it’s extra smooth!)

Fat Free Zesty Italian
Exp. Feb 05

Heinz 57 Ketchup
Exp. Jan 06

Alta Deena Cottage Cheese

Trader Joe’s Small Curd Cottage Cheese

Cherries In Plastic Bag with Major Mold Colony
See expiration date printed in the mold
(there was a Monterey Jack Cheese sticks bag on top of this – you may not want to eat those either)

Ziploc bag – Chicken w/obscure vegetable matter

One solo pear – undated

Plastic container – beans & beige food mass

Trader Joes’s Unholy Hummus
Expired 12/9/05

Trader Joes’ Colby Jack with major green mold colonies
It’s aged “extra moldy” for big appetites!

Trader Joe’s Columbus Pastrami
With mold ribbons for flavor

Thanks for your consideration.


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