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Thursday, March 09, 2006


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Let me explain.

Since I work as an online press publicist, I have to know who's legitimately large/viable/of any value to me and those that SAY they have a million users when they really have about 100. Alexa helps me with that. It's kind of a lie-detector when it comes to how much traffic any given website gets. I say lie-detector because it's about as accurate as one. Traffic flucuates depending on what's posted, so any site can change drastically with some great content or go stale with nothing new. Most that I work with range from 1 (Yahoo) to around 100,000 (News Askew) or thereabouts. When I get requests from new press, I tend to peek into Alexa to see how big they are so I can decide to help them out or kick them to another person to handle. Most below 250,000 I kick back or service on an infrequent request basis. And when "No Data" shows up, then too bad. Basically, you don't rate. So no goodies for you.

There's a point to this! As of this morning, WWW.MACSLOST.COM made the cut! I'm ranked at 5,204,309! Which basically means I might mostly ignore me, but at least I'm REAL!!! Woo-HOOOOO!!!!!


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