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Saturday, April 01, 2006

A new puppy...of HORROR?!

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So we've decided that Captain Awesome needs a friend. We've been browsing around various LA rescue websites trying to find some street urchin to bring home. Possibly one from Katrina. So we found one that fit our vision of 'puppy sidekick' and I put in an inquiry to the Linda Blair World Heart Foundation.

Being an individual of an oblivious nature most of the time, I didn't put "Linda Blair" together with "Excorcist" until it was too late.. well, until I saw a photo of her on her website.

Anyway, she actually called me yesterday and talked my ear off about dog rescuing. Seriously, like an hour. There's an adoption fair at a dog park today so I'll get to meet her and do some slave shopping. Er, I mean, dog rescuing.

So maybe Captain will find a new friend today!


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