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Sunday, June 17, 2007

FF2: Rise of the Silver Surfer

FF2: Rise of the Silver Surfer, originally uploaded by macslost.

Or, more appropriately, "Fuck You". Maybe that'll be my new curse. "Hey! FF you, buddy!"

I'm not going to go on a rant like the turd Spidey 3 was because I never really liked the Fantastic Four and had little to no expectations for either film. The first movie was tepid, but amusing, and Chris Evans was totally entertaining as Johnny Storm.

The contempt for the characters & fans in the second film is just unacceptable. Sue Storm should have just been killed in the opening scene and left at that. Who needs icky dumb girls anyway?

This time around nothing but the Surfer is interesting. And even HE is neutered 5 minutes after he shows up, which is 30 minutes into an already boring movie. This, like Pirates 3, was all talking with 2 action sequences. Only the 'action' in FF2 is more geared towards violence to your anus and mostly against your will, although you did volunteer to go into the theater in the first place.

Anyway, don't watch this. And no, being drunk will NOT help this. I was drunk. Or close to it. And it didn't help.

Marvel needs to stop for a second, take a breath and revisit having actual film auteurs handling their properties. Though Iron Man, Ant-Man and the next Hulk flick sound pretty good.

Then again, that's how I got suckered into Daredevil and Ghost Rider.


Blogger Alf said...

Mac, you forgot the most awful blaring retarded insulting thing in the whole episode.

Let's say you touch me, and suddenly i get tatoos and you get back hair. Wow! You touch me again, and you get your tatoos back and I..

Now we are hanging out in London and while you are showing off your tatoos to the queen i graze you and the queen is not amused. But I have sweet tats.

Now we're at a bar. and you slap my back after something funny. Nothing happens

No we are walking home, and you stumble and I help you up. Nothing Happens

Now Dinah says she'll only marry a man with tats AND a hairy back. So you touch my arm and suddenly you have tats and a hairy back.

You get married, give me my hair back, and everyone hates you for a lunatic jump in already shabby logic.

2:06 PM


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