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Thursday, December 21, 2006


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As the week winds down, packages start piling up at the front door and the holiday cards are spilling over everywhere. I LOVE Christmas. Christmas means good times, good presents and going to the movies with family.

As an impulsive shopper myself, I can do all of my Christmas shopping pretty fast and easy once I get in the mindset to do it. I pulled the stops out this year and I think Dinah'll be pretty damn pleased with her goodies. Back to my point on the impulse thing, though. Because I literally think "Oh, I could use that" a split second before I click on the "Buy" button or plot my weekly 'Round the Valley in 80 Minutes" shopping sprees, it makes me somewhat difficult to shop for. So this year I actually made a list of things that I wanted, which I really haven't done in quite some time. See, I actually gave it THOUGHT this year instead of just going "Oh, what's coming out in the next 2 weeks that I can patiently wait and see if someone got me."

xmas tree.JPG

Of course, the list I made this year wasn't cheap. Region-Free DVD player (upgradeable to Hi-Def), new electric razor, cue sticks, Guitar Hero II, Universal remote (a GOOD ONE), 36-bottle wine fridge. And some books. But the list is honest and it's really all I NEED (I say this because my wants and needs vary. I want every DVD ever made, I don't necessarily need those. These things I do need.)

But prezzies aside, I love the decorations, the cold, the Christmas movies and, of course, my Mom's Chex Mix. Which will be consumed while watching horror movies on New Years Day. But that's another holiday for another post.

So have a very Merry Christmas and we'll see y'all soon!

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