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Thursday, December 21, 2006


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So a few weeks back, me and m'man Allistair hit Spike TV's VGA awards. I learned some valuable life lessons there. First off, I was more than a little surprised to see how many hot chicks were in attendance. I certainly remember the time when video games were a definitely a massive strike against you when it came to girls. (granted, some of them were hookers used for a segment on the show).

Second, nerds are alive and well. This scrawny kid behind us was the epitome of NERD. Skinny, XL shirt, wispy mustache and a high-pitched voice, with which he used to constantly make nerd comments throughout the show. All he was missing was the snort-laugh.


Third: Barry Bostwick hates nerds. While we were sitting in the balcony, I glanced over a few seats and saw Barry sitting there, by himself with this look on his face that suggested maybe his doctor had given him a prostate exam a few moments earlier. He just squiiiirmed. (he had a small segment on the show, which explained why he was there at all.)

Four: 50 Cent can't read. BIIIIG teleprompter with lots of baaaad jokes. 50 Cent just says, "here's an award and the winner is blah". And leaves. Awesome.

Fifth thing: the writers on the show think nerd jokes from the eighties are still funny. "All your bases" type jokes. You guys suck. Seriously. At one point, some shitty band who was presenting actually apologized for some crappy joke they read off the teleprompter.

Six: Sam 'The Man' Jackson has NO shame. HE is a NERD. And cool as hell. He actually took Barry's seat later in the show, which was awesome. Oh, and we were both on TV when Sam did his intro to crapfest band AFI. What a bunch of no-talent ass clowns. But we got to sit by Sam Jackson so that was cool.


Lastly, Tenacious D really does rock live. Pyrotechnics and all that good stuff. They played "The Metal" and had the big Metal-Monster stomping around on the stage. The whole stage was actually a huge LED display and they stomped a portion of it out and they had to fix it in the middle of the show. Awesome.

We left early to get food, but we didn't miss much, that's for sure.


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Blogger Allistair said...

...and Sam Jackson does actually swear like a sailor and call people bitches. You can't get mad though because it's Sam Jackson. By the way Canter's Deli at night is fucking weeirdness squared!

7:03 PM


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