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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So Ain't It Cool News is doing something pretty damn awesome. Apparently, Sylvester Stallone called them up and asked if he could answer fan's questions, 10 a day, for 20 days on the site. And they can ask ANYTHING. From Rocky to The Italian Stallion to Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. And he'll ANSWER.


I've read a few days worth already and truly, it's a GREAT read. He talks about how much Get Carter sucked, where he messed up with directing Staying Alive, working with Dolly Parton, the stunts on Night Hawks, why his kid in the new Rocky movie is too old for Rocky continuity (brain damage on his part. he says he should have tossed in a line of dialogue stating that his kid has a disease that ages him 3 months every 90 minutes)


Anyway, it's through December 20th and you should add it to your daily reading. It's good stuff!


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