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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lost Room!

Lost Room!
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So the Sci-Fi channel is notorious for their awful, awful, awful "Original Movies". Seriously, it's unapologetically bad. I mean, Dean Cain stars in most of them if that tells you anything. Anyway, their mini-series actually happen to be pretty good. That being said, The Lost Room was AWESOME. The premise is that there are a certain number of objects from a hotel room that all have different powers attached to them. A comb can freeze time for 10 seconds when you run it through your hair, a watch hard boils eggs, a radio makes you 3 inches taller when tuned to a specific station. Weird stuff. It's a great mystery with lots of cool knick-knacks. And if you groan at the fact that Elle fanning (Dakota's little sister) is in it, don't fret, she disappears at the very beginning, which is the whole plot of the film.

So check it out on a rerun!

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Blogger susan said...

Hey! I happen to like Dean Cain!

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