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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Awesomeness awaits us...

Spring is in the air. OK, not really. It's still Winter, but Spring is coming. Now, this is probably the first Christmas season in a while where I want to see pretty much every single thing being released, so it's gonna be a busy few weeks, for sure. Dream Girls, Rocky Balboa, The Good Shepard, Night at the Museum, the list is pretty long. But all of these films will be up our noses for the next 2-3 months for the Academy push and all that. What *I* want are my Spring goodies.

Grindhouse just posted the full-length trailer and it is AWESOME.


300 also just posted it's full length trailer. It'll make you CRY.


More Hostel flicks from Eli Roth, too. How's this for a poster?


Speaking of which, The Hitcher remake with Sean Bean is out soon as well.

And if those weren't tasty enough, how about TWO killer crocodile movies?!

PRIMEVAL hits first and then ROGUE!

Primeval has a pretty sweet poster, too.


And don't forget Smokin' Aces, which is gona rock my face off in a "what the hell just happened" psychotic melee of gunfire.

Plus Pan's Labyrinth is out soon, as is Children of Men. I have to say, Jan-April always brings me such gleeful joy. This summer is going to be STUPID with insanely huge movies, but we'll go there later. Let us enjoy the coming Spring, first.

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Blogger Allistair said...

Grindhouse looks freakin' great. A machine gun for a leg? I love it! Man I'm at Geek Factor Delta over here. Freakin' fantastic.

7:23 PM


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