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Monday, April 10, 2006

50% complete!

50% complete!
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No more photos will be posted until after the great unveiling! But I must say, I am DAMN proud of myself. I built a bar on wheels AND a counter for bar stools! With a foot rest, even! It's like I was a carpenter on the Gilligan's Island set in a past life. It's a sight to behold, I tell you what. Even got me some plants for it. REAL ones. So now comes the 2-week break before the final round. The round of...GLORY. (note: for those that live in the Burbank area, here's a bizarre fact about the Empire Center. On a Sunday afternoon, there is absolutely no parking whatsoever and it's a giant cluster. However, there is no one in Lowe's, Target or Staples. Assumption: Everyone is in the Olive Garden, which must be much larger on the inside than it seems. Kinda like Dr. Who's phone booth.)


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