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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Speaking of Ren-Fair rejects

So we went to Medieval Times last Wednesday at the 6pm show and it was PACKED. How?! I thought for sure that place was on it's last legs or something, but nay! 'Tis not the truth! The truth is that it seems to be the #1 Birthday Party destination for children of aaaaaallll ages. And you know what? It was a damn good time!


Our night was the Black & White Knight, who was in fact the WORST knight and the first to die at the hands of the evil Green Knight. In the end I don't remember who won, but the yellow night was a total bad-ass. While the acting was poor (as suspected) the fighting and horse tricks were pretty sweet. Also surprising? The food was pretty good. You eat 1/2 a chicken, potatoes, ribs and bread with your hands and get a bowl of soup and mugs of beer! Can't complain, not at all. (except that it's in Buena Park and traffic BLEW)


This photo was taken before our Knight went out like a punk and I threw my banner-waivy thing away.


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