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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Update - 3/29

So these are both still the "rumored" appearances, but whatever available info is around tends to lead to them being true. I love Kevin J O'Connor and he's got appearances in tons of Steven Sommers flicks, my favorite being Deep Rising, and it looks like he'll be appearing in a flashback with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has the role of Cobra Commander in the film. Since Destro is the heavy in the first one, I am betting CC is going to only appear in small origins roles. Here's hoping that the flashback has Dr. Mindbender and Cobra Commander dancing around a Brainwave Scanner! Woo-Hoo!

00 GI JOe cast 3.jpg

00 GI JOe cast 2.jpg
00 GI Joe Cast 1.jpg
Update - 1/29

In a bout of inspired casting, Dennis Quaid has been cast as the typically absent General Hawk, head honcho of G.I. Joe and the always-a-villain-never-a-friend Arnold Vosloo has been cast as the master of disguise, Zartan.
Update - 2/12

Well! I am certainly glad I held off on the last update. Some numb-nut 'cast' an unknown stage actor as Destro instead of dear old McNulty and I was, all, like, WTF?! That's not news! Then they cast some hot model chick as Cover Girl (Karolína Isela Kurková), which, also is not really news. But THEN we got a piece of awesomeness! No-name Destro gets replaced with Brit-psycho Christopher Eccleston! Woo-hoo!! Now we're talking! I'm still waiting on official notice that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing Cobra Commander, though.

Update - 1/28

The role of DUKE has been cast with Channing Tatum. They certainly got the look right, that's for sure. I hope he breakdances on Destro's head. Rumor has it that Joseph-Gordon Levitt has been cast as Cobra Commander, but hasn't been confirmed. This flick is gonna be RIDICULOUS. And awesome.

UPDATE - 1/15

Dominic West of HBO's The Wire will be handling the role of Destro. I've seen Dominic in a few things before and I'd say he's got the chops to handle it.
Plus, he's British, so he should be able to pull off a Scottish accent without it sounding like Mike Myers in So I Married An Axe Murder.

UPDATE - 1/9

I was (am?) totally on board for the Joe cast. Ray Park as Snake-Eyes (my choice!) that's great! And fine, fine, give Sienna Miller a black wig, no prob. Rachel Nichols is a PERFECT low-budget version of Scarlett. Also LOVELOVELOVE Adewale Agfkith...fuck. Akinnuoye-Agbaje! Love him. But now he's playing 'Heavy Duty', which was a 'cooler' replacement for Roadblock well after the cartoon/comic/toy series was tanking, so why not stay classic? Whatever, he gets to heft a .50 caliber machine gun and waste some Cobras, great! I LOVE Said Taghmaoui and the Joes never had any Middle Eastern blood, so there ya go. This other kid can play Storm Shadow, no prob! All good? Great! Who's next? Wait, I'm sorry, what was that? Marlon Wayans as Rip Cord? You mean the red-headed white guy who jumps out of planes, right? Played by Marlon Wayans. I'm sorry, did Jerry Zucker hop on as Exec Producer on this? WTF?

Rumor also has it that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also in talks. They have BARELY cast 50% of this movie and start filming in 5 weeks. I can't WAIT to see what kind of crazy-ass stuff start popping up from here on out. John Laroquette as Cobra Commander with Anthony Hopkins as Destro! And maybe Natalie Portman as Lady Jaye. With Andy Dick as Flint.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why am I excited about this? Oh yeah - all those comic books I read and still have. Nothing like a big Hollywood movie to drive up the value of collectables...

5:11 PM

Blogger Vitamin Black said...

Dominic West is out as Destro. IGN announced that Irish no-namer David Murray will be playing the part. You can spot his fine work as "Jumpy Thug" in Batman Begins.

3:34 PM


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