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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The 100 Day Strike Has Ended


After much grievance and havoc, the writers finally got their piece of the pie and can go back to work! This makes me happy on a wide variety of levels. Most importantly, my friends get to go back to work and get paid! Secondly, SOME of my TV shows will return this year (though not all, and not my faves, either) and lastly (but not leastly)..

The Show Will Go On!


Yes, yes, I know, The Oscars are the "Super Bowl for Women", but I don't care. I @*#&$%ing hate the Super Bowl. Now, thanks to my blessed baby interwebs, I don't even have to tape that @*#^#*ing thing to watch the commercials. Not the point! (also not the point: yes, the poster above was, in fact, designed by the Star Wars poster dude)

Anyway! All this means is that we can host our annual Oscar Party, which always kicks a ridiculous amount of ass. We sat down last night and themed out the food, which, at first glance, was very difficult, compared to last year's glories. But we came up with some real winners, I think. I'm not going to spoil a damn one, though. You'll have to come over to see. Or, um, wait 'til the next day when I post them up...

Now I have to start my massive Photoshop project to rename everything for this year. Trust me, it's no easy task. Also: must create new centerpiece and collect prizes, prizes, prizizes!


Blogger Vitamin Black said...

In a way I'm going to miss the strike. A lack of interesting television is probably why so many people paid attention to the presidential nomination race this year. Instead of being numbed by another episode of Desperate Housewives they decided to actually pay attention to their fates. Then again I suppose people in the biz gotta eat. After all George says if we buy more shit we'll avoid a recession.

9:54 AM


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