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Friday, January 25, 2008

Video Game Round-up!!

After spending so many months setting up a new business, there was a BUNCH of stuff I had to get caught up in the video-game world. Once the holidays finished, I basically plopped down in my comfy chair, dropped a disc in, and didn't leave my chair for 2 days, 4 weekends in a row.

Weekend #1: Uncharted for the PS3. Kick ASS action game. Kinda like Tomb Raider, only with an actual plot and not quite so many ridiculous puzzles to solve. Plus you get to hide behind things while shooting people in the face with a shotgun, with is pretty awesome. Also, VERY pretty game.


Weekend #2: The Darkness. You're a retard gangster with some weird snake powers and you have to take the subway a LOT to finish the game. Not recommended.


Weekend #3: Lost Planet. Pretty fun, but 2 annoying things. #1: It's really short. #2: You have to constantly replenish your 'warmth' or you die. Feh. But one of the cool parts is that you get to slide around in ED-209 suits shooting things with huge gatling gun arms or rocket launchers, which is pretty sweet.


Weekend #4: Bioshock. Next best game after Uncharted. GREAT environment, a fun story, not too ridiculous in the puzzle department and you get to have powers like electro-shock, pyrokinesis, telekineses, ummm, summoning squirrels, mini-tornadoes, uh, there were others. And you get to shoot a lot of things, which is my #1 reason for buying anything. If I can't shoot something it the face, I don't want to play.


However, now that I'm done with these, I am not allowed to buy anymore games until I lose 10 pounds. Otherwise, I will NOT go exercise. "Just oooone more level". 3 hours later and whoops!

So Call of Duty 4 will have to wait.

For now....


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