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Friday, January 25, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...


Don't get me wrong, I love the rain. I think it's fantastic. But man, I just CAN'T get anything done anymore when it rains. Especially in L.A.

In Seattle, usually when it rained, it was just an overcast sky and a constant drizzle. In L.A. it's a downpour. To the extent that there are rivers in the streets, freeways shut down and, from time to time, a water spout (or, tornado) will rip the roof off of a naval base.

Anyway, hearing the rain on the roof just makes me want to curl up and watch TV, play video games or read. Or, um, blog.

Anyway, last night we went and saw Wicked and had to walk a good 4 blocks in the rain (wuss, I know, whatever, not the point.) And we used umbrellas. We never would have used umbrellas in Seattle. Didn't actually even OWN umbrellas in Seattle. Whatever. The seats at the Pantages are made for Munchkins and to be crammed in there and ALSO wet was not an option.

Speaking of Wicked...


As a not-fan of musicals, I actually wanted to see this one. And...it wasn't bad! Pretty good actually. I enjoyed it for the most part but there was something that stabbed me in the eye during the second half. However, after a little research, it turned out not to be a stab in the eye as much as yet ANOTHER nail in George Lucas' coffin.

"Wait, what's that you say? WTF does George Lucas have to do with Wicked?"


If you haven't read the book or seen the play and actually intend to, you can skip the rest of this, but if you couldn't care LESS:

The Wicked Witch of the West created The Tin Man and The Scarecrow and released the Cowardly Lion into the wild as a cub.

Says George, "HM! That's great! I think I'll have Darth Vader create C3-PO! And have sex with a Wookie to create Ewoks. Maybe molest an Octopus and create Admiral Akbar...oh-ho-ho. Who, there Georgie let's not make it TOO unbelievable."


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