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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

OSCAR 2007!!!

We had our massive Oscar Party again this year and it was a hit, yet again!

I spent some time Photoshopping all of the themed food as well! You can guess what they are for the most part.

apocalytaquito copy.jpg


happy feet copy.jpg

Crab Cakes!


Well, Tea Sandwiches.

PIRATES copy.jpg

Chips! Dips!

Little Miss.jpg

We renamed Funch this year!

Little Children.jpg

All you needed to lure in the kids! PB&J, Potato Chips & Dinosaur-shaped Chicken Nuggets!


Lettuce Wraps!


Curly Fries!

Deviled Eggs.jpg

Er, Deviled Eggs!


Brie & Crackers!


And all the rest of the Cheeses!

And we musn't forget dessert!

Good German.jpg

German Chocolate Cupcakes!


And Butterscotch Cookies!

And a few signs to guide the way:


Oscar Themes

And there you go! Now aren't you sad you missed it?

Unless you made it, in which case you're one of the cool kids.


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