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Saturday, February 03, 2007


GOOD WEEK., originally uploaded by macslost.

As you may know, I resigned from my 8-year job as a publicist at an ad agency last October to go freelance. As soon as I did, a friend came to me and had me jump on board a project for a Jaleel White DVD for Fox, but ever since I have only been working part time for Disney. So I filled my time with holiday stuff (shopping, decorating, planning, etc.) and once the holidays passed, I forced myself to redo our garage, which was a disgusting pit of a place. So it's been all busywork, no play for the most part and I finished it all on Monday.

Then the fun began. As soon as I finished, I got an e-mail from Fox, telling me they have a couple of projects coming up for me. Sweet! The next day? Paramount e-mails me. I haven't spoken with them since I interviewed for a job last August and then it got pulled to another department. THEY have a job for me (which I already invoiced and started, so it's a done deal!). Day after that? Another agency I work with had some work for me with Warner Bros.! Already invoiced that one, too. Day after THAT?! Another department at Disney wants to me to do some work for them to help streamline our departments! So. Work is going GREAT.

On TOP of work: Dinah's brother Marty decided to come and stay with us in 2 weeks and he hasn't seen out new place yet. Dinah's sister & husband scored a place in Hawaii for 2 weeks and invited us out in March (um, YEAH), we've got friends coming in from Seattle for our Oscar party, I got a great estimate and appointment scheduled to finally give me my outdoor & garage power outlets (OK, that's more exciting if you're a home owner), after waiting a MONTH, one of my trading partners finally sent me a HUGE box of comics I was waiting for all month (which included the 2nd trade of the new X-Factor, which is awesome. And also features Multiple Man in the lead, and we all know how I feel about that.), I found 3 DVD hook ups to send me MOUNDS of DVDs I've been waiting to get, I got free screens to modify for sunlight protection of my garage (you'll see what I mean when it's all done) and, last, but by NO MEANS LEAST:

My new pool table has been scheduled for installation Monday morning.


Like I said. Great week.

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