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Friday, January 26, 2007

Chain Letter. Really.

Chain Letter. Really., originally uploaded by macslost.

OK, everyone reading this receives thousands of chain e-mails during their lifetime. It's quick and easy and computers can just replicate and blast them around as fast as anything. (sidenote: speaking of spam, when did all the pharmacy and bigger penis e-mails turn to INK & TONER spam? that's just weird)

Anyway, the other day I received a REAL LIFE chain letter. Several pages printed out and stapled in a hand-addressed envelope from one Mr. William Kelly of Lancaster, CA.

All the information I need was in the letter. Where to order a list of mailing addresses, how much money to send the the previous 7 people on the list and, of course, the half-mil I can make in ONLY 6 MONTHS!

What kills me is that these people are actually putting in the legwork and DOING it. Making copies, ordering lists and writing checks (or sending cash). I didn't think anyone did this anymore. It's so...archaic. Both in practice and in purpose.

It's just weird, really.

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