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Friday, January 12, 2007

The Future of Blu-Ray

The Future of Blu-Ray, originally uploaded by macslost.

Well, according to two stories sent in to Ain't It Cool from AVN (the porn convention that "piggybacks" on CES consumer electronics convention) in Las Vegas each year, the preferred format for porn will be: HD DVD.

Now, before you get all up in my business for posting about porn in Hi-Def like some pervert that felt the money shots needed to be clearer for me on a bigger TV, the porn industry has been a huge factor in deciding the direction of past format wars when it comes to home video (I almost put 'cums' in there, but it was too easy). They were part of the reason that VHS won over Betamax, because it was cheaper to produce.

But according to this story here, it seems that Sony didn't want the dirty-dirty being produced on their precious Blu-Ray. Funny. Didn't Sony come up with Betamax, too? Do we see the trend here?

So, Blu-Ray may be a better quality disc (like Beta was better tape), but it looks like the cost factor may just lose them this battle as well.

(you can read the other story here)

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Anonymous Jeff said...

Considering that HD-DVD was just cracked. I wouldn't say that it's a done deal. I mean, I'm not totally in love with my Playstation 3 just yet - but it could happen. I'll have to rant on this topic later in my new stylishly updated blog.

6:10 PM

Blogger Allistair said...

I pray Sony is that fucking stupid. Porn is the reason why we have home video, streaming online media, .jpegs, and all sorts of other media advances. Sure those things would have come along eventually but it's no secret that vice of all descriptions have pushed the evolution of media.

Porn stupidity aside Sony has NEVER pulled off a media format and I don't anticipate them starting any time soon. While HD-DVD has been too lax with it's security Sony will most definitely lean too far in the other direction. Their debacle over the security virus on their CD's is a great example.

Ultimately the "format war" is patently ridiculous. It's going to cost everyone involved billions in the end. Who are the ones that will suffer the most? It's gonna be you and me when a part or all of our DVD collection becomes obsolete when our format loses.

By the way don't listen to Sony's hype about Blu-Ray. Their PR machine is infamous for its ridiculous boasting. Anyway that's my 10 cents on the subject.

9:19 PM


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