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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Alaskan Airlincoln

I'm. Not. Crazy. Since the first day I saw the tail of an Alaskan Airlines plane I have never seen an 'eskimo', only Abraham Lincoln with an afro. This has been going on for probably 13 years and after we flew to Seattle for New Year's I got fed up with trying to explain it. It's like that optical illusion where it's either an old witch or a hot dancer with her head turned type things. (we have a wedding photo that from a distance I SWEAR it's that skinny kid from Hedwig & the Angry inch hanging from a noose. It's sick, I know, but that's what I SEE. From 12 feet, anyway.)

But I digress. I went ahead and did the mock up for you.

Alaskan Airlincoln, originally uploaded by macslost.

SEE?! Now YOU see it, too. Right? Right?

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Blogger Allistair said...

HA HAA HAAAHA!!! You're an ass dude!

6:07 PM

Blogger The Mad Hapa said...

I see it! I totally see it! Dude, this is way better than those old Magic Eye posters.

10:51 PM


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