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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

THANK YOU SANTA! (for "Christmas Swag")

DSC00072.JPG, originally uploaded by macslost.

This Christmas kicked a lot of ass. It took about 4 hours to open all of the presents and there were only 6 of us. As you can see, goodies ran the gamut from books (cookbooks and otherwise) to food to knick-knacks, musical instruments, billiard supplies, kitchen appliances, digital awesomeness (Dinah got a new digital camera & iPod speaker dock and I got a region-free HDTV DVD player), framed art/pictures and much, much more.

So, being the greedy & materialistic people we are (albeit thankful as well) we neatly organized all of the loot on the table to we could bask in it's warm glow. (Dinah says it's so we wouldn't forget what we got so we could thank people, but we all know the truth.)

So now that I have all of my pool equipment (minus the 'crutch', i.e. the bridge you use for longshots) it's time to paint the garage and order the damn table.

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