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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hey! He couldn't do that!

silsurf3.jpg, originally uploaded by macslost.

Here's the pretty-killer teaser for the upcoming Fantastic Four sequel. But a warning for nerds: THIS Silver Surfer can phase through buildings and buses. Soooo, there's your 'creative license' you can chuck in with "Rogue's too young", "Wolverine's too tall", "Spider-Man had web-shooters" and "Daredevil didn't suck ass".


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Blogger Allistair said...

I've never been a big Silver Surfer fan. His constant whining eventually forced me to other whiners like the Punisher. I will say I always thought his character was cool.

I dig the trailer. I don't see the point of allowing him to phase through shit but whatever. I especially like him grabbing mouthy Johnny Storm by the scruff and snuffing him out in the ionoshpere. Nice! As long as Galactus is involved at some point I'll be happy. I must have read the Surfer and Galactus origin comics a 100 times each.

I wish there were enough sequels to address the Skrull but that will have to wait for the tv series which I think is inevitable.

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