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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Swings & Misses

Swing & a Miss!, originally uploaded by macslost.

Lots of misses, actually. I was a die-hard Stephen King fan until he started releasing trash like Gerald's Game. That's when I quit reading. His movies on the whole haven't been all that bad, but the TV shows have been craaaaaaap. And that's what's mostly been showing for quite some time. But 2007 promises to be different (I hope). First up, 1408, a ghost story with John Cusack and Sam Jackson. Early word on this is that it's awesome and the trailer seems to support that. Following that is THE MIST, which I have been waiting, oh, 15 years to see, for sure. It's about monsters in the fog that are trying to get at a group of people holed up in a grocery store. "Ten Little Indians"-style. Thomas Jane and Andre Braugher are in it, so I'm all good. Plus I hear that Creepshow is getting another go. I dug those movies growing up. My favorite one was 'The Raft' from Creepshow 2. I hate swimming in lakes. More than the ocean, if you can believe that.

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