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Saturday, February 03, 2007

We're soooo cool

We're soooo cool, originally uploaded by macslost.

Actually, you're all dicks, but that's neither here nor there.

Aside from CSI Miami's habit of just being omniscient in order to solve crimes, ("Hey, this dirt particle on his shoe. I recognize that. It comes from a rare plant that only grows in the Northwest corner of a park on the outskirts of town". Oh, you didn't have to look that up? Good for you.) all 3 CSI's, and pretty much every other crime show, make the assumption that the world was in a vacuum before the crime happened. Or that Maria, the maid, came in and cleaned the entire place just before the murder. Every time they find a hair or fingerprint, it has something to do with the crime. Buuuuuullllshit. You know how much hair and skin particles are floating around in the world? Know what dust is? Human skin, for the most part. You shed hair all day long and it just blows around from place to place. Hairs on a coat could have been from anywhere at anytime. How often do you have coats cleaned?! And then you put it in the closet with all of your other coats and any 'trace' from them. Fingerprints? Last time I checked people of the world are very grabby. Grubby fingerprints are on eeeeeeeeverything. Doorknobs, jams, sinks, walls, glasses, phones, remote controls...not just theirs, either. Think about it. If CSI Miami showed up at your friends house and he had just been killed by, say, a pool stick, and you had played pool there a month ago, they would find your prints on it and you'd be in trouble. OK, not CSI Miami, because they would just 'know' who did it, but never is a case of prints found and they are days, weeks, months old. It's because they did it. And nooooo one else in the world touched it before them.

OK, that was a stupid rant, but it bothers me sometimes. Doesn't stop me from watching though. Except I might quit watching Miami because the guys on the cast ARE all dicks.

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Blogger A James said...

Dude, why bother? Seriously. Just stop watching that show. I watch another nameless crime show years ago and stopped watching for the same Batman like ability to leap to the right conclusions. You don't live in a trailer park so stop watching that garbage.

5:37 PM


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