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Friday, January 25, 2008


Work, meet .50 caliber awesomeness.

I'm out!!!

Will update with details of awesomeness later.

OOOOOOOOKAY. This movie is ridiculous. There is much cajoling to be had. A beautiful DVD adventure to be sure.

I imagine some of the production conversations to sound something like this:

"Eeeeyo, so then we shoot them in half with a machine gun and blood sprays everywhere."

"Um, Mr. Stallone, we don't have squibs that big."

"Eeeeeyo, so we'll use CGI to spray filthy pedophiliac/ rapist/ murdering-scum/ Burmese blood everywhere. And to cut Christian missionaries in half."

"Perfect. I smell as Oscar."

And we smell other things. This is one of those films where they planned out a ridiculous gun battle (where no one even moves from their starting point), finished with 20 minutes of footage and then tried to plot a story around the gun battle. In the end: Main 'victim' is an ass, main 'chick' is useless, 'mercenaries' are retards and Rambo wears a muumuu/shirt. HOWEVER. There is some wicked violence in it, so in the end, it makes a great DVD watch. Just don't spend actual theater-money on it.


Blogger Vitamin Black said...

I'd like to disagree with my colleague. While completely retarded the movie is well worth watching at a matinée. Mainly because seeing a man get cut in half with a machine gun in a fully equipped cinema is a special experience. The best advice is to lay back, close your eyes, and think of 1986.

10:50 PM


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