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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wolverine and his Amazing Friends!

Update: Kevin Durand (Smokin' Aces, 3:10 to Yuma) has been announced as the Blob. He's awesome! This movie, with G.I. Joe are going to be ridiculous, awful and entertaining as hell. They'd better be, anyway. No, they will, because I never, ever, ever expected to see any of the things ever become live action, so I don't even really care.

Good LORD. When they talked about doing the Wolverine movie, I was like, "Cool! Should be interesting. No Jean Grey? I'm in."

Then they had David Benioff writing it, which was pretty sweet, since he also wrote The 25th Hour. And then Gavin Hood was added as a director and NOT Brett Ratner, Uwe Boll or any other jackass. Then there are all of this week's casting, which is crazy!

Wolverine: Hugh Jackman
Sabretooth: Liev Schreiber
Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds
Gambit: Taylor Kitsch
Silver Fox: Lynn Collins
Kestrel (John Wriath): will.i.am
William Stryker: Danny Huston
Barnell Bohusk (Beak/Blackwing): Dominic Monaghan
Agent Zero: Daniel Henny
The Blob: Kevin Durand (they have been testing 800 & 1200 lb fat suits!)

Anyway, it's nuts like X3 was nuts. But honestly, the X-Men comics were always about cramming tons of mutants in, so I'm psyched either way.

Wolverine cast.jpg


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