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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Well! This year's Oscar Party was even better than last year!! Details Smetails, we all know you just want to see what the themed food was! (or if you want to see other photos, you can check out Dinah's Flickr page. You can also find this year's table centerpiece for the 5 Best Picture films!)

First up! Non-food related items.

I'm In Here (I'm Not There): Bathroom signs!

z PLEASE KNOCK small.jpg

SiCKo Smocking Section (not very clever, I know)

z SiCKO Smoking small.jpg

In The Valley of Moolah (In The Valley of Elah): The Betting Pool!

z Valley of Moolah small.jpg

Dollars and the Real Girl (Lars and the Real Girl): Also betting pool. And I did this one last, the night before the party and the damn text/slant thing was pissing me off, so that's why it's a little crooked. Well, slanted the wrong direction, anyway.

z Dollars real girl small.jpg

Charlie Wilson's Bar (Charlie Wilson's War): Well, the bar.

z Charlie Wilson Bar small.jpg

Now! On the the food!

3:10 to Yummy (3:10 to Yuma): Cheese Platter! Maybe it refers to the food, maybe the movie's ending. Either way, that's what it was.

Done 310.jpg

Americn Gangstir-Fry (American Gangster): Stir Fry! Or was supposed to be anyway. We didn't get around to making it. What! We were busy!

Done Am Gang.jpg

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Curly Robert Fries (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford): Curly Fries! We always need curly fries, so finding a good title match can be hard sometimes. But not THIS time.

Done Assassin.jpg

Atonemint-Chocolate Chip Cookies (Atonement): Min-choco-cookie. Super-yum!

Done Atone.jpg

La Brie En Rose (La Vie En Rose): Guess! No really!! You're right, it was rose-petal water for hand washing. Or brie.

Done Brie.jpg

The Diving Bell and the Butterscotch Cookies (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly): Guess what these were! Aren't you clever! And yes, we had these last year as well.

Done Diving.jpg

Enchanted Apples: Apples w/ carmel dipping sauce.

Done Enchanted.jpg

The Golden Quiches (The Golden Compass): Mini quiches! Color-matching for that text was a pain in my ass!

Done Golden.jpg

Juno's Cravings: Sliders & pickles! And speaking fonts that were a pain in the ass! I mean, DAMN. It worked, though.

Done Juno.jpg

Michael Bacon (Michael Clayton): Bacon wrapped dates! And DAMN was this one hard to do. I had to rip all the other letters off the page, erase the ones I didn't need and then replace & respace them. And there was no 'G', I had to make that one out of a C and a T, I think.

Done Michael.jpg

No Cornbread for Old Men (No Country For Old Men): Kick-ass cornbread w/ Jalepeno's in them! Another one I had to recreat meshing other letters together. That's why the A looks all weird. But THIS one had a black background, unlike Mr. Blurry Clooney above that had to be all smudged around over and over again. Bastard.

Done No Country.jpg

Norbits (Norbit): Um, what was this one? Veggies? Maybe. I don't eat those. This is one of the lazier ones i did, but really. It's NORBIT. Let it go.

Done Norbits.jpg

Pirates of the Caribbean-Dip (Pirates of the Caribbean): 7 layer dip & chips! If you came last year, you'll know we ripped this off again. However, THIS year, I found a close-to-matching font!

Done Pirates.jpg

The Popcourne Ultimatum (The Bourne Ultimatum): Popcorn! HA! This is one of the funnier ones. Though not as funny as all the Slack-Jawed-Damon marketign materials. What was that? A little shout-out to mouth-breathers?

Done Popcourne.jpg

Meme Les Poulets Vont Au Enfir (Meme Les Pigeons Vont Au Paradis): Roughly translated: All Chickens Go to Hell. Hot Wings!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Done Poulets.jpg

Prawn Baby Prawn (Gone baby Gone): Actually, this was a shrimp platter. Prawns are expensive and we don't like our friends THAT much.

Done Prawn.jpg

Ratatouille: Was it a cheese platter? French wine? French Bread? French Dressing? French Fries? Rat? Nope! Dinah actually made Ratatouille. So THIS, was of course, the laziest sign.

Done Ratatouille.jpg

Surf & Turf's Up (Surf's Up): Crab Cakes & Beef skewers. It literally took little more than 2 minutes for 50 skewers to be decimated. But they were made from our friend Tony's recipe and can be eaten regularly at his restaurant Tommy Ray's on Ventura. So go eat more! Now, THIS one was probably one of the most difficult ones to make. I had to go find my own Hawaiian floral background, a new font and THEN re-use the splintered outer-layer of the original title treatment. It was fun, though.

Done Surfs.jpg

There Will Be Bloody Marys (There Will Be Blood): Bloody Marys. This was one of the more difficult ones to match up with food, because like No Country, it was too easy to thrown in any noun you could think of, but we wanted them to be as close to the title as possible. And no one wants blood pudding or sausage, and oranges are boring, so we went with booze.

Done There.jpg

And last, but CERTAINLY not least:

Weenie Todd: The Deomn Barber of Meat Street (Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street): BBQ weenies and a meat platter. Because the title treatment was SO unique for this one, the onl thing I could do was actually rip arpat a bunch of letters and rebuild what I needed. Because the floorboards, the blood spatter and the lettering, I couldn't even erase the background and start from scratch. Ugh! It was tedious, but fun and came out super awesome.

Done Weenie.jpg




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally awesome. Maybe next year we'll make it for your Oscar party. Or the year after... someday I'll graduate from college and will be able to travel more. But dude, your Oscar Party is wicked high on my list of Things To Do After Graduation.

8:05 PM


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