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Friday, March 07, 2008

mAc's LOST

Now, I'm not doing any commentary on the past week's episodes, but hot DAMN, they have been GOOD.

That said, good friend Eyad pointed out that of all the random LOST videos and rumors and theories, Damon & Carlton pointed out that THIS one is the one to be paid attention to. It's a good one:

Of course, for sci-fi geekers like myself and most likely many of you, will know that in most theories of time-travel within one's own timeline, you musn't make contact with yourself. Something about the same object in different timelines can't occupy the same space or some such jibba-jabba. So at least they aren't making up new rules!

Now, Lost theories? Flash forwards: how far forward are they? Can they not find the plane because it's actually on the island in 1997? Was Otherland not so much a "you'll never leave" but a "don't sweat it, it'll only be a few months later when you get back"? Is Ben really a grown up Aaron? Is Kate actually Walt? Is the island really a peninsula and they'll all feel really stupid later? What if they are actually in the DC universe? Will Aquaman find them? Can Damon & Carlton travel through time? How else would they know who will get a DUI so they can kill the character?

As much as I'm enjoying this season (really, it's SO GOOD), I also know that the tracks are about to run out and I know it's going to kill me. D&C said that the end of this season (Episode 8) is not the end of the season. It's just the end of Episode 8. So it'll basically be someone taking away your Harry Potter book halfway through. And that knowledge makes me sad.


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