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Saturday, March 29, 2008



Oh, sweet patience of mine, bleeding out like the lifeblood of a stuck pig.

Sure, the first thing to go was my patience with lines, standing, traffic, tying shoes. Yes, yes, we all suffer these problems (OK, maybe the tying of shoes is just my problem) but after a particular trying week or 2, I've discovered a few other annoying rage-points.

1. Daylight Savings time. Used to be a time when I HATED "Spring forward" because I lost an hour of sleep. After getting dogs, I'm always up early now anyway, so it didn't matter. I was actually looking forward to it so it wouldn't be dark all the time. That said, it really, really messed up my sense of time this year. I've been all out of sorts with time for 2 weeks now and it's starting to piss me off.

2. Hungry? Yeah, me too. I know a lot of people that get super-cranky if they haven't had food in, like, an hour. I've never really had that problem. Sometimes I would even forget to eat for a full day. These days, though, when I get hungry I feel like I'm going to implode and all things between me & food become swift enemies. What's that crap?

3. Indian Customer Service. Who thought putting ESL people in charge of technical support was a good idea?!?!! WHAT IS THAT?! You speak in plain simple tech-speak, mentioning phrases like recycling or bits per second and they pretend like you're making stuff up and is there anything else they can do for you, like transfer you to someone else? Seriously, fuck off.

4. For Your Convenience Part 1. Aside from quadrepalegics and arthritics, bless their hearts, WHO THE FUCK THINKS VOICE ACTIVATED TELEPHONE MENUS IS A GOOD IDEA. "I'm sorry, did you say 'Go fuck myself?'" I can't put enough rage into words that boils up from the black depths of my shriveled heart when I hear the phrase "I'm sorry, did you say..." HOW IS THIS FASTER THAN PUSHING A BUTTON?! I hate you.

5. For Your Convenience Part 2. Oh, Bank of America, you HAD a great idea. HAD. And I'm sure eveyone who tested it once agreed. Hell, I jumped for JOY when they made the new deposit feature in the ATM. No more slips and envelopes, you can just stick a check in, it SCANS it and deposits it for you. Whoo-hoo!! So much easier. Wait a second. What if you have two checks? Or in my neighborhood maybe 7 or 8? YOU DEPOSIT THEM ONE AT A TIME. Why is that? Oh, because now there's NO ENVELOPE TO PUT MORE THAN 1 CHECK INTO. Thank you for making the line at the ATM even LONGER NOW.

Feh! A pox on all your houses!!


Blogger - The M.A.D. Hapa said...

Dude, that's really fucked up about the no-envelope situation.

I'm with you on the shoe-tying, by the way.

10:00 PM


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